RS Aggarwal Class 11 Chapter 30 Solutions (Statistics)

RS Aggarwal Class 11 Chapter 30 Statistics is introduced to remind you of the methods of finding a representative value in a given data. The value is generally referred to as a measure of central tendency. This value helps in identifying a rough idea of the data. But to make a better interpretation, all you need is a good knowledge of statistics.

This RS Aggarwal Class 11 Maths Solutions has around 4 exercises with around 30 questions. All the questions are based on the latest examination pattern of CBSE and other competitive exams. You can give a try to practice the questions but we know, you might fail as the concepts of maths are a bit difficult.

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Topics Covered under Chapter 30 Statistics

Mean of a Data

You can find the mean of data by dividing the sum of observations by the number of observations.


To find the median,  you firstly need to arrange the data either in the ascending or descending order and then apply the formula:

If the number of observations u find is odd, then the median is (n+½)th observation. 

If the number of observations is even, then median is (n/2)th and (n/2 + 1 )th 

Measures of Dispersion 

You can measure the scatter in data based on the observations as well as the type of measures of central tendency. There are different measures of dispersion:

  • Range

To find the range of a series, Range of a series= maximum value of each series  – minimum value of each series 

  • Quartile deviation
  • Mean deviation

To find the measure of the dispersion from any fixed number let’s say ‘a’, you need to take the mean of absolute values of deviations from the central value. This mean is referred to as ‘mean deviation’. 

M.D. = sum of absolute values of deviations from ‘a’ / number of observations  

Also, you can obtain a mean deviation from any measure of central tendency.

Mean deviation for Grouped Data

You can divide data into two groups:

  1. Discrete Frequency Distribution 
  2. Continuous Frequency distribution
  • Standard deviation: It is the measure of dispersion or variation of a set of values. 
  • Variance: The mean of the squares of deviations from mean refers to variance. Variance is denoted by 2 and read as sigma square.

  • Coefficient of Variation: The measure of variability that is always independent of units refers to as the coefficient of variation. To find the coefficient of variation C.V. =x 100,is not equal to 0, 𝛔denotes standard deviation anddenotes mean of the data 𝛔.

Exercise Wise Discussion of Chapter 30 Statistics

This chapter has around 4 exercises with an estimate of 26 questions. All the questions are according to the latest standards of the competitive exams.

Exercise 30A

This set of exercises has 10 questions that ask you to find meaning in different situations.

Exercise 30B

This set of exercises has 6 questions in which you need to find meaningful, variance as well as the standard deviation in different situations.

Exercise 30C

This exercise has 5 questions that ask you to find possible values of x, find the variance, find other observations based on the situations asked in the questions.

Exercise 30D

This exercise has 5 questions in which you need to find mean, variance, and the variability as asked in the questions. 

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