RS Aggarwal Class 12 Chapter 21 Solutions (Linear Differential Equations)

RS Aggarwal Solutions for Class 12 Maths Chapter 21 ‘Linear Differential Equations’ have been prepared to help you ace your board exam and important entrance exams such as JEE, NEET etc. In this chapter, you will learn about the conditions that are essential to define a linear equation. Also, you will become proficient in finding the solutions of all kinds of linear equations, once you get clarity in evaluating the solutions of Linear Differential Equations. This chapter of RS Aggarwal Solutions is very crucial to get a complete understanding of Differential Equations and carries a significant weightage in most school exams.

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Summary of Important Topics Covered in RS Aggarwal Solutions for Class 12 Chapter 21 – Linear Differential Equations

Introduction to Linear Differential Equations:

We may express the differential equation that is linear in nature and has an order n, with the dependent and independent variable y and x respectively, in the following form:

Such that a0 is not equal to 0.

Properties of the Linear Differential Equations:

There are certain features possessed by linear differential equations which are described as follows:

  1. A given function y and the derivatives of y can be evaluated in the differential equation only up to the first degree.
  2. There is no existence of the product of the function y and its supposed derivatives.
  3. The transcendental functions such as logarithmic or trigonometric functions of the given function y or its derivatives are totally absent.

Linear Differential Equation of the First Order:

Any linear differential equation which includes just the function y and the first derivative of y is termed as a Linear Differential Equation of the First Order.

It can be denoted as 

dy/dx + P(x).y= Q(x) 

P(x), Q(x)Continuous Functions

To solve these equations of the first order, we must reduce either of the two functions P(x) or Q(x) equivalent to 0, after which it will become feasible to use the variable separable technique. This is how you will be able to evaluate the solutions of linear differential equations effortlessly. 

Bernoulli’s Equation as Linear Differential Equation

The Bernoulli’s equations can be denoted as follows


Such that a is a real number. For a= 1 or a= 0, the equation can be simply solved as a linear equation is solved;

Whereas if a has some other value, we can employ the steps as mentioned below:

  • The first step is to assume a new dependent variable u(x) such that


  • Now, find the derivation of u which will be given as


  • You can now substitute the value of y’ from the given differential equation in the above equation to obtain


  • Rearranging the above equation, we will obtain:


  • You can now solve it as a linear differential equation assuming P(x)= (1-a)pu and Q(x)=(1-a)g

Major Highlights of Linear Differential Equations:

  1. Product rule of Differentiation:

Thus we can solve a differential equation by substituting the value of (x)in the value of y for the product rule of differentiation.

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