RS Aggarwal Class 8 Chapter 25 Solutions (Probability)

RS Aggarwal Class 8 Maths Solutions for Chapter 25 bring you at ease with the concepts of probability. In this chapter of RS Aggarwal Class 8 Maths Solutions, you will get to learn about the basic foundational terms used in probability such as sample space, event, experiments and the differences between them. You will also be introduced to random variables and their types in detail. This topic carries a high weightage in CBSE exams. 

There are 2 exercises in Chapter 25 of Class 8 RS Aggarwal comprising of 20 questions. There are broad-ranging questions in this chapter from long answer type questions based on two random variables to objective type multiple-choice questions. Solving these questions for quick revision will help you get through the advanced level exams such as the National Talent Search Examination along with CBSE Class 8 Maths exam. 

The answers to all the questions of RS Aggarwal Class 8 Chapter 25 are discussed in detail with adequate reasoning in a step by step manner. The expert team of Instasolv has used its experience in writing this set of answers to make sure that these are in total compliance with the latest CBSE Class 8 Maths guidelines. Solving these questions with our assistance will help you achieve good marks for sure!

Important Topics for RS Aggarwal Solutions for Class 8 Chapter 25: Probability

Some Basic Terms

  • Random Experiment: The experiment under consideration of which the certainty of the results remain unknown and are found by the formulae and techniques of probability is termed as a random experiment.
  • Sample Space: In sample space, a set is created in which we list all the possible events that might occur in a random experiment.
  • Random Variables: We denote the outcomes that can possibly occur in an experiment using variables termed as random variables. Random variables are of two types:
    • Discrete Random Variables: these variables are used to denote distinct and countable values.
    • Continuous Random Variables: these variables can take up infinite values.
  • Expected Value: If we find the mean of the random variables, it is termed as the expected value.

Introduction to Probability

  • Probability is defined as the certainty of the occurrence of an event. In other terms, it defines how many times a certain event could occur. 
  • Probability is used to evaluate the chance of the occurrence of a random event in an experiment. 
  • For example, if we roll a die then the likelihood of 3 coming on the top can be evaluated by the formula of probability. Since there are 6 possible outcomes for this event, therefore, the probability of 3 coming on top of the rolled die will be16
  • Therefore, with the knowledge of probability, we can mathematically calculate the likelihood that an event from a particular experiment will occur for certain or not.
  • The formula of probability is given as follows:

Probability of Event E = P(E)= Number of favourable outcomes/Total number of outcomes

  • If the probability of an event is equal to 1, then the event is a sure or a certain event. If the probability of an event is 0, then the event is termed as an impossible event.

Exercise Discussion for RS Aggarwal Solutions for Class 8 Chapter 25: Probability

  • Exercise 25A of RS Aggarwal Class 8 Chapter 25 has 12 questions based on finding the probability of different experiments in a variety of events.
  • The wide range of events that are covered in the exercise questions includes drawing of cards from a deck of cards, tossing a coin or rolling a die. You will also get to evaluate the probability in events like rolling two dice simultaneously etc. 
  • Exercise 25B consists of 8 multiple-choice objective questions in which you will be needed to use the formula of probability for the events like drawing more than 1 balls from a bag containing different colours of balls etc.
  • These questions will assist you in gaining absolute clarity in the topics covered in this chapter.

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