RS Aggarwal Class 9 Chapter 1 Solutions (Number Systems)

RS Aggarwal Class 9 Maths Solutions Chapter 1: Number Systems is an essential study material for students preparing for CBSE exams. ‘Number Systems’ is the most significant topic in mathematics because it forms the base of other chapters in Maths too. Chapter 1 of RS Aggarwal Maths Solutions Class 9 has 7 exercises & contains problems that give you a complete knowledge about the numbers like types of numbers i.e. real, natural, rational/irrational, imaginary, whole, prime, and composite numbers respectively, their representation on a number line, about rationalization, and laws of exponent etc.

It is one of the amazing practice books for the students, as it contains relevant questions framed as per your CBSE syllabus and by using it, you can score good marks in your CBSE Class 9 exam.

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Important Topics For The RS Aggarwal Solutions For Class 9 Chapter 1: Number Systems

Well, you know almost all the things in mathematics are revolving around the numbers. That’s why this chapter has its own significance. Let’s have a look at some important definitions of this chapter.

  • Introduction to natural numbers-

 The Set of positive counting numbers excluding zero are natural numbers.

For Example-  1,2,3,4,5,6,7,……………..

  • Whole numbers –

The Set of positive counting numbers including zero are whole numbers

  For Example- 0,1,2,3,4,5,6,7,……………..

  • Integers –  Integers has two types-

Positive integers – Set of all natural numbers including zero is positive integers.

For Example-  0,1,2,3,4,5,6,7…………

Negative integers – Set of all non-positive counting numbers including zero is negative integers.

 For Example –  ………-7,-6,-5,-4,-3,-2,-1,0

  • Rational Numbers-

Rational numbers are those types of numbers which are represented in the form of  (P/Q) where Q does not equal to zero 

 For Example – 2/3, 3/5, 4/8, etc

  • How to find a rational number between two numbers

If  ‘a’ and ‘b’ are the two numbers-

Rational no.= (a+b)/2

  • Irrational numbers –

A number that is not represented in the form of (P/Q) are irrational numbers.

For Example-  √7, √11, etc.

  • Real numbers –

  Real numbers include all numbers which are rational or irrational.

 For Example –   -2,3,(2/3), √11, etc are real numbers.

  • Prime numbers- 

A number which is divided by number 1 and by itself are called prime numbers.

For Example-  2,3,5,7,11,13,17,19,…………

  • Composite numbers- A composite number, is a positive integer or whole number that can be formed by the multiplication of two whole numbers.

  For Example-  like 6 because it is formed by (2) * (3).

  • Complex numbers –

Complex numbers are those types of numbers that contain real as well as imaginary numbers.

 For Example – (3+ 2 i)

  • Laws of Exponent –

 If a and b are the two numbers and m,n are the exponents –

  1. am × an = am+n
  2. (am)n = amn
  3. am bm = (ab)m
  4. a0 = 1
  5. a1 = a
  6. 1/an = a-n
  • Rationalizing the denominator

If the denominator contains a surd, then multiplying both by numerator and denominator by the surd is termed as rationalizing a denominator.

Exercise discussion of  RS Aggarwal Solutions For Class 9 Chapter 1: Number Systems

  • As discussed earlier, RS Aggarwal Solutions For Class 9 Chapter 1 has 7 exercises which cover almost all the aspects related to the number system
  • Exercise 1 A of RS Aggarwal’s textbook has 9 questions. The questions are simple to solve, based on the concept of the rational numbers. The questions were like Identify the rational number, find a rational number between two numbers, represent a rational number, insert a rational number between two numbers, etc.
  • Exercise 1 B contains 5 questions based on the concepts of rational number. There is one question in which you have to find the number in decimal form.
  • Exercise  1C  of RS Aggarwal’s textbook has 14 questions.  These questions use the concepts of rational and irrational numbers.
  • Exercise 1D has simplification based questions in which some of the questions you need to add the two rational numbers whereas in some of which you have to multiply/ divide between the two rational numbers. It has 8 questions.
  • Exercise 1 E of RS Aggarwal Solutions For Class 9 Chapter 1 has 9 questions. In these questions, you have to represent the rational/irrational numbers graphically on a number line.
  • Exercise 1 F has 25 questions based on the rationalizing factor of the denominator.
  • Exercise 1 G contains 18 questions which will brush up your knowledge of the laws of exponents. These questions are important from your exam point of view.   

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