S.L. Loney Inverse Circular Function Solutions (Chapter 18)

SL Loney Plane Trigonometry Solutions Chapter 18 ‘Inverse Circular Functions’ is one of the best books to gain a clear understanding of the inverse circular functions of trigonometry. If you are preparing for competitive exams like IIT JEE and NEET, then this book would be of great help as it poses a wide range of questions of varied standards. Going through the solutions of this book will also help you in understanding inverse trigonometry for Class 12 board exams.

SL Loney Solutions Plane Trigonometry Inverse Circular Functions Solutions consists of 1 exercise with 44 questions. The questions are both numerical as well as theoretical. With the help of these questions, you will learn about inverse trigonometric functions or the inverse of the trigonometric circular functions. You will learn about the inverses of sine, cosine, tangent, secant and cosecant functions. You will learn to obtain an angle from any angle trigonometric ratios. If you are looking for a career in engineering, geometry, navigation or physics then this knowledge in this chapter is of great help for you.

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Important Topics for SL Loney Plane Trigonometry Solutions Chapter 18: Inverse Circular Functions.

The Inverse Circular Functions in trigonometry is written as sin-1x, cos-1x, cot-1 x, tan-1 x, cosec-1 x, sec-1 x. There are several functions of these functions.

The Inverse Circular Functions is used for obtaining the angle of a circle from any of the trigonometric functions. If the function y=f(X) and x= g(y) then the inverse function is g= f-1.This implies when y=f(x) then x= f-1(Y)

Some of the important formulas are

  1. sin-1 (-x) = -sin-1(x), x ∈ [-1, 1]
  2. cos-1 (-x) = π -cos-1(x), x ∈ [-1, 1]
  3. tan-1 (-x) = -tan-1(x), x ∈ R
  4. tan-1(-x) = -tan-1(x), x ∈ R
  5. cosec-1(-x) = -cosec-1(x), |x| ≥ 1
  6. sin-1(1/x) = cosec-1(x), if x ≥ 1 or x ≤ -1
  7. cos-1(1/x) = sec-1(x), if x ≥ 1 or x ≤ -1
  • The inverse formulas help in solving problems reliably by applying all properties to get the solutions. To prove certain statements or get the value of the angles, some of the inverse formulas in trigonometry is of great help.

Exercise Discussion for SL Loney Plane Trigonometry Solutions Chapter 18: Inverse Circular Functions

  • SL Loney Inverse Circular Functions consists of one exercise with 44 questions. In the beginning, there are 8 examples showing solutions to some theory-based questions.
  • Then there are 44 excise questions based on various solved theorems. Solving all these questions will increase your analytical skills and you will gain a very strong hold on this part of trigonometry.
  • In this chapter, you will come across various types of questions. You will have to prove a few statements and also obtain certain values by utilizing various formulas of Inverse Circular Functions.
  • In this chapter, you will not only get comprehensive questions but also some of the basic as well as standard questions about various inverse trigonometry formulas.

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