Xam Idea Class 10 Science Chapter 7 Solutions: Control And Coordination

Important Topics for Xam Idea Class 10 Science Solutions Chapter 7 Control and Coordination

If you have been thinking that the movements are the responses to the change in the environment of the organism, then this is not the case as it all happens because of the control and coordination in the body of a living organism.

What helps in detecting the hot objects or liquids around you?

It is dangerous when we touch a hot object. How will you know that you are touching a hot object? You get such information from the environment with the specialised tips of some nerve cells. Such receptors are located in the sense organs like ear, tongue, nose, eyes. The gustatory receptors easily detect the smell. Also, in the chapter, you will study how these receptors work.

What Happens in Reflex Actions?

Reflex refers to the sudden actions in response to anything happening in the environment. Have a look at the below-listed example to understand the concept of reflex action properly:

Touching a flame is urgent as well as a dangerous situation for any living organism. But have you ever thought of how you will respond to it? One way can be thinking of the pain and getting hurt from it, which is why a living organism moves back his hand.

The other question that comes in mind is, How long does the mind take to think this?

The answer totally depends on how you think. The thinking part of the brain is connected with different nerves of the body, then this part mainly instructs muscles to move that allows the nerves to carry the signal from one part to another part. This is a long process but the chapter will discuss in detail how the reflex actions work according to the environment with the reflex arcs for quick responses.

Human Brain

The main working of the brain is to send messages to muscles. The central nervous system and the other parts of the body get connected with the cranial nerves that arise from the brain and spinal nerves. The brain then allows a living organism to think and take actions based on the thinking process. Also, in this section, you will study different parts of a brain- fore-brain, mid-brain and hind-brain.

How are the tissues protected? 

Organs are delicate like the brain which is essential for a variety of activities and that is why it needs to be protected. This is why the body of a living organism is designed in a manner that the brain sits inside a bony box. Inside the box, the brain remains in a fluid-filled balloon that offers shock absorption as well.

How does the nervous tissue cause action? 

Muscle tissues do the final job when the actions or movements take place. Whenever a nerve impulse reaches the muscle, the muscle fibres move. But how does the muscle fibres move? The muscles move by adding changes to their shapes. Muscle cells contain proteins that change the shapes as well as arrangements in the cells. In this manner, the nervous tissues cause action.

Coordination in Plants

Plants do not have a nervous system and muscles. Then how do the plants respond to stimuli? If you touch the leaves of chhui-mui, its leaves begin to fold. When a seed germinates, the root goes down, the stem comes up into the air. But what happens? Firstly, the leaves of the sensitive plant move very quickly in response to touch. There is no such growth involved in the movement of the leaves of this sensitive plant. On the other hand, the growth of seedling continues with the directional movement. But if the seedling will not grow, it will eventually show no movement. Thus, in the chapter, you will study about two different types of movements- one dependent on the growth and the other independent of the growth.

Exercise Discussion of Xam Idea Class 10 Science Chapter 7 Control and Coordination

Very Short Answer Type Questions

This section has only 18 questions where you will have to answer the questions like stating the function of a particular acid in plants or animals, naming the hormones that control different functioning of a body, naming the types of tissues that handle the control and coordination in animals or plants.

Short Answer type Questions Part-I

This part of the exercise has 9 questions where you have to define different terms like cerebrospinal fluid and its function, synapse, functioning of the forebrain, giving reasoning in a one-line answer to the statements given.

Short Answer Type Questions Part-II

There are a total of 12 questions in this section where you will have to label the parts in the given diagram, naming the body parts that serve a particular function in animals or plants, mentioning the names of hormones of the different body parts.

Long Answer Type Questions

The long answer type question exercise has around 7 questions where you need to give reasoning to the question asked in proper detail. You will have to differentiate between the types of movements and types of nerves, drawing the diagrams of how the human brain works, describing the nervous system in human beings, explaining the functioning of plant hormones.

Higher Order Thinking Skills

This set of exercise has only 4 questions where you will have to answer the advanced level questions. You will have to answer questions like association neurons, how does the stem and root move towards the earth.

Value-Based Questions

There are only 2 value-based questions where you will have to analyze a particular question in terms of what value you get from it. Also, in the question, you need to find the disease names or cure for it and even the value associated with it.

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