Xam Idea Class 12 Biology Chapter 12 Solutions: Biotechnology And Its Application

Xam Idea Class 12 Biology Solutions Chapter 12 ‘Biotechnology And Its Application’ is helpful for you to revise and practice solutions to all the questions elaborately as per the latest CBSE exam pattern. Biotechnology helps in the large scale production of therapeutic drugs, helps in the removal of genetic disorders, regular crop production, helps in pest-resistant plants that help in increase of the food production. Our Xam Idea solutions will help you learn about transgenic animals, the application of biotechnology in aquaculture and the production of antibiotics. After studying our solutions, you will be able to learn how Biotechnology plays a vital role in human welfare, especially in the medical field and food production.

Xam Idea Class 12 Biology Solutions for Biotechnology And Its Application contains 128 questions covered in three sections Very Short questions, Short questions and Long Answer questions. You will have questions on gene transfer, gene therapy, enzyme replacement theory, patents, stranded DNA molecules, ELISA technique and RNA interference. These questions are structured in accordance with the current CBSE syllabus and can be relevant for you to prepare Biotechnology and its applications for your exams.

Our Xam Idea Class 12 Biology Solutions for Chapter 12 Biotechnology And Its Applications are perfectly curated to practice the high-order thinking problems for competitive exams. These solutions were accurately framed by our team of experts, who have years of experience in Biology. They are easy to understand and are designed in a stepwise manner, that will help you learn all the concepts in one go.

Important Topics of Xam Idea Class 12 Biology Solutions Chapter 12: Biotechnology And Its Applications

Some of the important concepts involved in this chapter-

What is Biotechnology?

The area of Biology, that utilizes the properties of living organisms and their components to produce useful products or technologies that can be beneficial for humans. 

Applications of Biotechnology


  • Application of Biotechnology in the Medical Field


  • The Introduction of Recombinant DNA technology in the healthcare system, that permits a mass production in the therapeutic drugs. 
  • Gene Therapy has been developed, that helps in the removal of genetic disorders in an embryo of females.
  • Humulin drugs are developed from genetic engineering, used for the treatment of diabetic patients.
  • Apart from this, the other applications of Biotechnology In the medical field are:
  • PCR


  • Application of Biotechnology in Agriculture


  • Its Application in the agricultural field is generally referred to as the Green Revolution.
  • The Application of Biotechnology in agriculture helps in food production, to generate crops, pest-resistant plants, Bt cotton plants, etc. 
  • It helps in the modification of plants, animals, microorganisms to improve its agricultural productivity.


  • Applications in Aquaculture


Biotechnology applications also help to upgrade the quality of fish. The releasing hormone gonadotropin has been injected into the fish to enhance its breeding. This helps in overall genetic characteristics, and enhances their growth, also prevents them from infectious diseases.

Transgenic Animals

  • Transgenic animals are those animals, at which a new gene has been inserted into a genome, using genetic engineering.
  • Rats, Rabbits, Pigs, Sheep, Cows, Fish are the most commonly used transgenic animals for the production of different biological products.

Production of Antibiotics

Biotechnology is also used for the production of different kinds of vaccines, antibiotics, using genetic characteristics of plants. Flucloxacillin and amoxicillin are prominent examples of it.

Exercise Discussion of Xam Idea Class 12 Biology Solutions Chapter 12. Biotechnology And Its Applications

This chapter’s questions deal with Biotechnology and its various applications and will give you a brief overview of therapeutic drugs, several techniques for removal of genetic disorders, transgenic animals, and many more. Let us consider the exercises in detail.

Very Short Questions

  • Very short questions section of Xam Idea Biotechnology And Its Application comprises 45 problems settled in two sub-parts named PYQ (past years questions) and OIQ (objective inventory questionnaires)
  • These questions are easy to solve, you need to answer them in one or two lines.
  • The PYQ part consists of 20 questions based on several important concepts in this chapter. Some of them are of types:
  • A question on Biopiracy.
  • A question on ADA deficiency. You need to suggest one possible treatment.
  • You will have a question on cry genes at which you need to describe it and to tell in which organism they are present.
  • The OYQ part has 25 questions. You will find a question at which you need to describe the method of cellular Defense which works in Eukaryotic organisms
  • You will have a question at which you have to name the recombinant vaccines. In one of the questions, you will be asked to give an illustration of the PCR Technique in Diagnosis with two uses of it.
  • Overall these questions will give you a brief overview of the concepts in the chapter. All you need to just go through them once.

Short Answer Questions Type I

  • This section has a total of 44 questions, 27 in the PYQ part while the OIQ part has 17 questions built around the concepts thoroughly.
  • In the PYQ part, You will be asked to name the genes of baculovirus, and why they are considered as good biocontrol. 
  • You will have a question on RNA Interference, also questions on GMOs, recombinant technology, the importance of recombinant technology in vaccines production, etc. Also, will be asked to describe BT toxins.
  • While In the OIQ part, you will have a question on Stranded DNA molecules, and you need to describe how RNA molecules have been made from them.
  • A question on gene therapy, gene cloning as well, in which you need to differentiate it. Also, you will have a question on the Patents, at which, you have to write the condition on which patents are given.
  • These questions with their solutions cover almost all the important concepts. You just need a reading of topics thoroughly, to tackle them.

Short Questions Type II

  • This section comprises 32 problems. There are 21 questions in the PYQ part whereas 11 questions in the OIQ part. 
  • You will have a question that asks you to discuss the process involved in the production of nematode-resistant tobacco plants and to explain the strategies to develop such plants.
  • You will have a question on gene therapy procedure for ADA deficient patients and about the stages of gene transfer.
  • There is a question on conventional pest control methods. Also, a question at which, you need to describe the role of Agrobacterium in the production of dc RNA in host plants.

Long Answer Type Questions

  • Herein, you will find 7 questions. 5 in the PYQ part and 2 questions in the OIQ part, gives you an in-depth understanding of the concepts involved in questions.
  • You will have a question on genetically modified organisms. A question on Transgenic plants and a question on applications of Biopesticides as well.
  • You will have a question on transgenic animals, you need to mention four ways on which such animals can be beneficial for humans. Once you solve this question, you will understand each and everything about transgenic animals.
  • A question on the various uses of Biotechnology in the medical field. And, a question, how pest-resistant plants have been produced using Biotechnology.

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