Xam Idea Class 12 Biology Chapter 4 Solutions: Reproductive Health

Xam Idea Class 12 Biology Solutions for Chapter 4 ‘Reproductive Health’ is the best guide to prepare this chapter for CBSE Class 12 exams. Our solutions cover all the important aspects of the chapter such as population explosion, the population stabilization, birth control, infertility, medical termination of pregnancy, and sexually transmitted diseases. After studying these aspects, you will be much aware of reproductive and sexual health, family planning and usefulness of contraceptives.

Reproductive Health Solutions of  Xam Idea Solutions Class 12 Biology textbook contains 88 questions that have been structured in three sections. The sections are Very Short Questions, Short Questions, and Long Questions, respectively. The questions in these sections will give you awareness regarding various aspects like how to maintain good reproductive health and the different strategies are taken by the government pertaining to reproductive health. You will have questions on the methods of birth control, chemical contraceptives and population explosion along with ZIFT, CuT, RCH, IUDs, RTI, etc.

Our subject matter experts have created the best Xam Idea Solutions as per the latest CBSE syllabus. Our solutions are easy and detailed. All you need is to read them and you will be able to revise your chapter easily and quickly. These Xam Idea Class 12 solutions not only help you score better grades in your boards but also ease your efforts, to deal with the fussy questions that are asked in the prominent entrance exams like NEET and AIIMS.

Important Topics of Xam Idea Class 12 Biology Solutions Chapter 4: Reproductive Health

Let’s have a look at some of the definitions of concepts involved in this chapter-

Reproductive Health-

You know to attain a healthy lifestyle, your body should work properly or in other words, all your organs should function properly. So, Reproductive health is nothing, it refers to the proper functioning of all reproductive organs.

Components of Reproductive Health-

Three important components of Reproductive Health are-


  • Maternal Health- Maternal Health Refers to the state of women’s health during the pregnancy period.
  • Family Planning- It allows couples to have a desired number of children, prevents unwanted pregnancies, by using contraceptives it prevents both male and females from STDs including AIDS/HIV and provides other health benefits.
  • Sexual Health- It refers to the health, at which humans are able to have safe and satisfying sex, implies the ability to reproduce.


Reproductive Health – Population Stabilization and Birth Control measures-

  • You know the rising population exponentially from the time of independence until May 2011 is the biggest problem, was contributed to factors such as:
  1. There was a rapid decline in the death rate
  2. Infant mortality rate(IMR)
  3. Maternal mortality rate(MMR) 
  4. Due to the quick rise in the reproducible age
  • The RCH program has been enacted by the government in order to bring down the population Rate.
  • Awareness about family planning has been blown up by the government, by using measures such as the use of contraceptives. A Slogan ( HUM DO HAMARE DO) was familiarized, giving incentives to the small families, to increase the marriage age of Male and females were the measures that have been taken by the government to control the population growth rate.
  • Contraceptives such as IUDs, condoms, Diaphragms, oral contraceptives, injectables, etc are the methods to birth control.

Infertility and Reproductive Health-

The state at which humans are not able to produce babies or offsprings is referred to as Infertility. Generally, In women, it is due to some problems in ovarian function, or disrupted fallopian tubes whereas, in the men, it is due to the improper functioning of testicular veins and hormonal disorders.

Treatments Tests and Therapies used-

  • ART
  • IVF
  • Embryo Transfer

Medical Termination Of Pregnancy (MTP)-

Medical Termination of Pregnancy(MTP) or Intentional Abortion was legalized in India in 1971. It refers to the end of the pregnancy of females by using medicines. It is considered safe, if the termination takes place in the first trimester, after that it may be riskier. It’s the safest way to terminate a baby, as it does not require any type of surgery like anaesthesia.

Why is Reproductive Health Necessary?

  • It gives you an awareness to prevent sexually transmitted infections.tho
  • It gives you the right piece of knowledge about family planning, birth control methods, about early pregnancy, and child-care measures.
  • It creates awareness among adults about having safe sexual practices.
  • It grants great knowledge among youth about sexual reproductive health.
  • It protects both mother and baby from infectious diseases.
  • It provides accurate information about contraceptives methods.

Exercise Discussion of Xam Idea Class 12 Biology Solutions Chapter 4: Reproductive Health

With the 88 questions, this chapter will make you aware of how to acquire a healthy lifestyle and what are the measures you should take in order to achieve solid reproductive health. You will find two kinds of questions in the exercises of the chapter namely, PYQ (past years questions) and OIQ (objective inventory questionnaires). 

Very Short Questions

  • A total of 30 questions will be given in this section, which is divided into two parts. Part I- PYQ having 5 questions, and the Part II- OIQ that has 25 questions based on the important concepts associated with this chapter. They are easy to tackle.
  • You will have a question on Population explosion, in which you need to just define it. And, The question on population growth rate in India as well at which, you need to suggest two ways to check it.
  • In one of the questions, you will have to name the commonly used barrier methods, surgical methods of contraceptives.
  • Apart from this, you will have a question on Artificial Insemination, and also a question at which you have to state a difference between CuT and LNG-20

Short Questions Type I-

  • The Short Answer Type I section has 31 questions based on the various concepts involved in this chapter. 
  • The PYQ part has 12 odd questions whereas 19 questions are in the OIQ part. 
  • In the PYQ part, questions are generally based on the methods of Birth control and contraceptives. In one of the questions, you will be asked to describe the LActational Amenorrhea method of Birth control.
  • In the OIQ part, you will have a question at which you have to comment on the RCH program of the government to improve the reproductive health of the people.
  • Apart from this, you will have a question on the Hormonal Composition of oral contraceptives and IUDs.

Short Questions Type II-

  • Herein, you will have a total of 18 questions. 9 questions each in the PYQ and the OIQ part.
  • In one of the questions, you need to explain the Zygote IntraFallopian Transfer Technique (ZIFT) to infertile couples, and you need to describe how it’s different from IUI.
  • You will have a question on the characteristics of an Ideal Contraceptives.
  • In the OIQ part, you will have a question at which you need to highlight the consequences of the Population Explosion.
  • Also, have a question, How Pills act as contraceptives in human females.
  • You just have to read the chapter: reproductive health once, then you will be able to cope up with this section’s questions easily.

Long Answer Questions-

  • In this section, a total of 9 questions are given, out of which some opinion-based questions, asked in the PYQ part.
  • Well, the PYQ part has only 2 questions and at which you need to give your opinion on why the female partner in India is often blamed for the couples being childless.  
  • Question on Infertility. At which you will be asked to give two reasons for the cause of infertility in humans.
  • In the OIQ part, You will have a question at which you need to describe the Vasectomy and Tubectomy with a diagram.
  • And, a question which asks you to give a full form of following: ART, GIFT, ICST, RTI, IUI

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