Xam Idea Class 12 Maths Chapter 10 Solutions: Differential Equations

Xam Idea Class 12 Maths Solutions Chapter 10 ‘Differential Equations’ is one of the best guides that will assist you in making your path for CBSE exam preparation easy and reliable. Accessing this Xam Idea solution book helps you in getting a good grip over all the exclusive concepts of the chapter. You will study some of the basic concepts based on the differential equations, general and specific solutions of a differential equation, methods to solve any question depending on the first order and first-degree differential equation along with the application of differential equations in various areas. 

Xam Idea Solutions for Class 12 Maths Differential Equations consists of 65 questions in total and has been divided into four different sections namely very short answer questions, short answer questions, long answer questions-I and long answer questions-II. All the questions are framed in a very structured manner as per the latest CBSE Class 12 Maths syllabus. Practising these questions would help you to prepare for the CBSE exams easily. The questions are based on the integration factor, the sum of the order and degree of a differential equation, the differential equation that represents a family of curves.

The Xam Idea Class 12 Maths solutions prepared by our highly experienced subject matter experts will help you in understanding the concepts of differential equations better and you will be solving the questions more confidently. Going through these solutions helps you in clearing your doubt with all step by step guides to any problem. Moreover, our solutions are presented in a very easy to understand language and a structured format.

Important Topics of Xam Idea Class 12 Maths Solutions Chapter 10: Differential Equation

A differential equation is the derivative of the dependent variable concerning the independent variable. When it involves only one independent variable it is called an ordinary differential equation and when it involves more than one independent variable it is called a partial differential equation.

  • Order and Degree: It is the order of the highest order derivative occurring in the differential equation and when there is a polynomial equation in its derivatives, the differential equation is a degree.
  • To make a differential equation from a function, you have to differentiate the function the number of times the arbitrary constants are there and then eliminate the arbitrary constants.
  • A function F(X, Y) is called the homogeneous function of degree n, if f(λx, λy) = λn F (x, Y) for some non-zero constant λ.
  • Homogeneous Differential Equation: A differential equation that can be expressed in form of dy/dx= F(X, Y) and dx/dy = G(x, y), where F (x, y) and G (x,y) are a homogeneous function of the degree zero, is called a homogeneous differential equation.

Exercise Discussion of Xam Idea Class 12 Maths Solutions Chapter 10: Differential Equations

The exercise part of this Xam Idea Class 12 Maths Solutions for Differential Equations consists of a total of 65 questions. It is divided into four sections.

Very Short Answer Type 

  • There are a total of 10 questions under this section which is further divided into two categories. There are about 6 questions based on various concepts of differential equations in this exercise that are based on previous years questions. 

Short Answer Type 

  • There are about 7 short answer type questions mainly questions asking for the integration factor and solving some differential equations.

Long Answer Type- I 

  • There are about 41 long answer type questions. 
  • There are about 35 questions based on solving a differential equation, proving homogeneous differential equations. 
  • Then, there are 6 long questions are asked to solve some differential equations.

Long Answer Type– II

There are 7 questions under this category and long answer type descriptive type questions asking for solving differential equations when x and y value is given.

All the questions in the exercises are prepared according to the latest CBSE exam pattern for Class 12. Practising very short answer questions along with short answer questions will make your concepts clear and with long questions, you will develop mastery in solving different questions on a differential equation.

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